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Bath and North East Somerset

For Professionals

The Community Wellbeing Hub’s secure online referral form enables professionals to access a number of community partners. The Community Wellbeing Hub works with partners that deliver health and wellbeing services. This single referral replaces the need to contact multiple organisations.

We have two referral forms:-

  1. Professional Referral Form that connect you to over 80+ health and wellbeing services offered by partners within the Community Wellbeing Hub.
  2. Hospital Discharge Referral Form that enables you to make referrals for a in-patient waiting to be discharged from the RUH Hospital.

You can make multiple referrals and whilst there is no restriction on the number of services you can select, please focus on a few key issues initially to avoid overwhelming the person.

You can also explore our Live Well B&NES, Bath and North East Somerset’s online community resource of local services, groups and organisations. Live Well B&NES offers a wide range of information, resources and signposting to help people with health, wellbeing and care needs. In addition, the directory offers information for parents, families and their carers including information regarding special educational needs and disabilities.

Make a referral

Please ensure that you complete all the fields within the online form. The form will ask to you to:

  • Confirm you have permission from the person needing help to make the referral.
  • Add your contact details, including telephone number and email.
  • Include the details of the person needing help and a contact number.
  • Select the service that is required. The form focusses on the person's need to ensure the right service and relevant organisation is identified. You can still make multiple referrals.Please read more details of services provided by our community partners.
  • If you know the organisation that you wish to refer to, you can still select this option by choosing 'Select an organisation directly'. (Only available in the Professional Referral Form).
  • Provide details of the support needed in the open text boxes. Please provide as much information as possible so that we can ensure that the right level of support is offered.

Once you have submitted the referral form, you will receive an acknowledgement email with a referral number.

If you have any issues or problems submitting the form, please contact us on 0300 247 0050.

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